Step 1

Create and print your tracking label.

Please enter your information below to create and print your tracking label. This label contains a unique tracking number that we use to recognize your shipment. We will also email you this tracking label for your convenience.

Step 2

Prepare your shipment.

Please use the label you just created and make sure all address information and your tracking number is visible. We recommend reusing a small box, envelope or plastic beverage container (which we affectionately call "The Bottleship").

Step 3

Postage and shipping.

Please be sure to put sufficient postage on your package. When you print your return and tracking label, you’ll see additional information to help you determine how much postage to apply. For example, six toothbrushes in a lightweight container, like our “Bottleship” weighs under 4 oz and costs just under $3 to mail. USPS regulations require that all shipments over 13oz (about 20 Preserve toothbrushes plus your shipping container) be taken to your local USPS location. There are over 30,000 USPS locations; please click here to find the one nearest you.

Step 4

Get your Preserve online store coupon.

Our tracking system will keep record of the toothbrushes that you send to us for recycling. For every six Preserve toothbrushes that you send back to us, we will reward you with a $6 coupon at Preserve’s online store sent to your email address.